“Nondestructive Evaluation System
Reliability Assessment”

The 2007 update of MIL-HDBK-1823 was officially released on 7 April, 2009. To download the Handbook as a pdf, right-click the icon.
Choose “save file as…”

About the mh1823 POD software

The deliverables of my 2006-2007 contract to update MIL-HDBK-1823 included the draft of the updated Handbook and algorithms necessary to implement the methods described in the Handbook. Software was not a deliverable item.

However it soon became clear to me that delivering descriptions of statistical algorithms, with no convenient implementation of them, would be of limited utility, so I wrote the mh1823 POD software suite to help promulgate the handbook’s methods. The software is protected under the Perl Foundation’s Artistic License 2.0.

Since the software is mine, I am making it available to anyone who requests it. I have no Government support to maintain the software or to provide bug fixes, so I am doing this gratis; nonetheless, any financial support would be appreciated.

How to get, install, and use the mh1823 POD Software,
… for Windows users    (Please read all the instructions before continuing.)


First, get things ready:
  1. Create a folder called R-Projects in your My Documents folder.
  2. In that folder create a subfolder named mh1823 POD
  3. Next, send me an e-mail, (Cha@Ga7Arles.@kUtNpAnnisGHPQE@StatisticalaRdZ-Engineering7eAa48.cAPKzjom or an@LalniscBF@d@gmailaRdZ).cAPKzjom). Be sure to put mh1823 POD in the subject line or I may miss your request. (I try to respond as soon as the request arrives.)

Save the MIL-HDBK-1823 POD file to your mh1823 POD folder and unzip it. This will produce the 1823 POD icon, some example EXCEL files, and another zip file. Do not unzip that file.

The rest is easy:

Since the mh1823 POD algorithms use R for all data manipulation, statistical analysis, and graphics …

  1. Download and install R. Click here.
  2. Then install the mh1823 POD software which is an R package and is included in the MIL-HDBK-1823 POD file. (Click for detailed instructions for Windows or Mac.)

Note on firewalls:

Downloading software on the company computer may run afoul of enterprise policy. One remedy is to install R and the mh1823 POD package on a 1 gig memory stick. (It takes about 1/4 gig total.) Then you can analyze NDE data, and produce POD vs size curves, on any computer – plug in the stick and you’re good to go. All the analysis, results and plots will be on the stick. Be aware, however, that there may be enterprise restrictions on using memory sticks with enterprise computers.