Grand Canyon 2012

Rim-to-Rim, Trans-Canyon Trek, July


Two Yoots and a Geezer


This was my 5th cross-canyon trek:

  1. With Eric, North Rim to South, 2 days, overnight at the Bright Angel Campground, around 1992 (Lousy geezer memory, donchasee.)
  2. With Eric, North to South, 1 day. (Mine was a 13 1/2 hour day.) A year later.
  3. With Eric and Dave (my elder son), South to North, two days, overnight at Cottonwood. 2000.
  4. With Al, Allan, and Jim, North to South, 4 days, overnight at Cottonwood, Bright Angel, and Indian Garden. 2004.
  5. With Eric and Raymond, North to South, 3 days, with two nights at the Bright Angel campground. 2012.


Here’s the trail map:


  1. North Rim to Cottonwood
  2. Cottonwood Campground
  3. Cottonwood to the Bright Angel Campground
  4. Bright Angel Campgroud and Phantom Ranch
  5. Bright Angel to Indian Garden
  6. Indian Garden Campground (actually 6 is misplaced on the map: Indian Garden in on the Tonto Plateau after (south of) the arduous series of switchbacks that climb from the river.)
  7. Indian Garden to the Bright Angel Trailhead



Raymond and Eric, intrepid trekkers

Chuck and Eric. Beginning the hike out, July 7, 2012

Here’s a zip file with several more pictures that I am too lazy to build webpages around.