Do-It-Yourself Dentistry

It’s possible to purchase a set of dental instruments and texts on dentistry are widely available (if not exactly best-sellers) so with a suitable setup of multiple mirrors you CAN perform your own dentistry.  This clearly isn’t a good idea.  Why?  Because dentistry requires more than knowledge and equipment – it requires skill.

The practice of Engineering, too, requires skill, and while many simple tasks can be performed by a back-yard tinkerer, and some engineering functions can be performed well by a new engineering graduate, serious Engineering requires skills you can’t learn in a book.  There are practical limits to do-it-yourself engineering which are obvious to a professional engineer but less obvious to the tinkerer.

Similarly, skillful application of Statistics to Engineering requires much more than Stats 101 that all engineers suffered through.

I’ve provided the software and that’s sufficient for many QNDE tasks, but when you need more than that – when you need to understand the bedrock on which the statistical techniques are based, then you may wish to contact me.